Looking for a new person to join our team!

Hey Folks, 
We've had the great privilege of having Brett Ratliff work with us at Downbeat over the last year. Bret's going to moving on in March to pursue some schooling and other endeavors. This means we are looking for a new engineer to "move-in" and share the space with us. It's a great opportunity for someone with a home studio or high rent at their current space, to come in and share space/equipment/Downbeat with us. We are looking for someone who can contribute a monthly rent and share their worthwhile gear. We basically split time up evenly throughout the month, sharing weekends/weekdays. If you are interested, we'd love to meet with you. Please email us at downbeatstudiochicago@gmail.com

Please pass the word to any friends that might be interested.

Hunt Hunt Hunt Camp Release New Record

Hunt Hunt Hunt Camp's new album is available on Bandcamp. Most of the album was tracked, mixed and mastered with us at Downbeat. Joe is a good friend of ours and we'd love it for you to support them and take a listen.

New Pictures of the Live Room

Hey Folks, 
We wanted to share some updated photos of our live room. Hope you enjoy!

Christmas Comes Early

Howdy Folks,

Christmas came a little early this year for Mike and I. We added a few new gems to our collection. First off, a new 13"x7" Pork Pie acrylic snare in fancy amber. Secondly, a DIYRecording Equipment Colour 500 series module. These guys are really cool! We added the Louder than Liftoff Implode module, which is a rad clone of an 1176 compressor and the Eisen Audio TM79. You should check out their stuff:

Holidays - The end of the Year - New Gear

Howdy Folks,
It's crazy to think that Christmas is a little over 2 weeks away. Mike and I definitely want to thank everyone for another full year of fun/music/work at Downbeat. This has been one of our most successfully years to date. We are excited to continue expanding and growing into 2015. We hope to bring you more and more new/vintage gear and fun things to play with when you come in.

We've been trying to post more to our social media sites. Stay up-to-date with us on Instagram and Facebook

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few new items we picked up in the last couple of months:

Whitehall Grand Prix Duo Combo Organ

70's Japanese SG Copy:

70's Globe Japanese Fender Jazz Bass Copy:

Happy Holidays!

- Mike and James

Hey Kiddies

We've recently acquired a few new amps and a rad guitar. Check out some pics below and the gear page for all the info. 

Studio Layout

We've had quite a few clients in the past say; "Wow, this place is much bigger than it looks online." Hopefully this layout gives a bit better representation of the size of Downbeat.